Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"More Than Conquerors"2008 Charity Art Exhibition

An art exhibition organized by
International Christian Business Men's Committee (CBMC) Malaysia
in conjunction with
18th CBMC Asian Convention 2008

Group photo of participating artists

receiving Certificate of Appreciation from
Puan Zanita Anuar
Head Department of Research and Exhibition Division/
Senior Curator
National Art Gallery Malaysia

painting submitted for exhibition

Fruits of The Spirit II
mixed media on canvas
61 x 61cm

copyright by Yvonne Ou Yong 2008
all rights reserved

Starhill Gallery Arts Festival 2008 1st - 31st October

Urban ArtBeat Collage
with Guat Ling & Bridget
28th October 2008

New designs of hand crafted canvas bags.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pelikan Activitiy Corner: Art Class

still life setup

drawing in session

My cheeky art students
I had a wonderful afternoon with them...

Further ideas development for Starhill Gallery project

2 more sketches of human figure


before varnish
after varnish

2' x 2' ft
mixed media
copyright by Yvonne Ou Yong 2008
all rights reserved

finally completed this new painting

decorated canvas bags

The pleasure one has in creating a work of art is a purely personal pleasure, and it is for the sake of this pleasure that one creates.
Oscar Wilde, to the Editor of the Scots Observer, July 1890: Selected Letters, p.81

2 days ago, just felt like creating something with laces, ribbons & beads.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

new addition to the family

William Tang
1 month old

My 1st grand nephew

......................he is so cute..................

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Idea development for COLLAGE 28 "Urban Artbeat" Art Festival 2008 Starhill Gallery

Sketch 1
bicycle with flying ballons
copyright by Yvonne Ou Yong 2008
all rights reserved

Sketch 2
replacing bicycle with a female figure
like a self portrait
copyright by Yvonne Ou Yong 2008
all rights reserved

Mood: Happy, Cheerful, Vibrant
2' x 2'ft
Date line: 10th October 2008

Meeting of fellow female artists

1st meeting
20th September 2008
The Lodge

Guat Ling, Bridget, Iris, Philip, K.C., Dr. Muthu, Lakshmi

paintings to be exhibited

The 1st ever Female Artists Gallery, grand opening in the month of November 2008.

My Biodata

Yvonne Ou Yong




Mobile: +6 012 618 5819

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Yvonne Ou Yong left for London to pursue art education in Chelsea College of Art & Design (The London Institute). Upon returning to her homeland in 1999, she has been lecturing in KBU International College ever since. In 2005, Yvonne ventured into studio painting on a professional level.



Chelsea College Of Art & Design, The London Institute


Chelsea College Of Art & Design, The London Institute

Forthcoming Group Exhibitions

*Mexican & Malaysian Female Artists Art Exhibition

artseni@TheLodge:Female Artist Gallery

26th October - 15th November 2009

*3 Women Artists Art Exhibition

artseni@TheLodge:Female Artist Gallery

16th November - 13th December 2009

*Christians Art Exhibition 2009

artseni@StarHill Gallery, Muse Floor

December 2009

Selected Solo Exhibitions

*Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Centre (KLPac)

18th August to 7th September 2008

*Home Artistry Showroom

18/25th August 2007

Selected Group Exhibitions

*"Asia Invitation Art Exhibition in Seoul 2009"

GyeongHuiGung Annex building of the Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

5th - 10th April

*18th CBMC Asian Convention "More Than Conquerors" Christian Art Exhibition 2008

JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

29th - 31st October 2008

*Contribution to the Urban ArtBeat Collage at StarHill Gallery Art Festival 2008,

in collaboration with the Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts & Heritage Malaysia.

*The 70th Annual Exhibition of Mokwoohoe with Prominent Malaysian Artists

Seoul Museum of Art Korea

23rd to 25th September 2008

*Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Centre (KLPac)

27th January to 3rd February 2008

*Group Exhibition under Ode To Art Gallery Singapore Art Show 2005

*Group Exhibition of Painting from London Art Schools at British Telecom Centre,

London, U.K.

1st to 16th July 1999


HomePride Magazine

October/November 2007 Issue

Saturday, September 20, 2008

New paintings for Hope Worldwide KL

Hope Series XII
Mixed Media

18" x 18"

copyright by Yvonne Ou Yong 2008
all rights reserved

Hope Series XIII
Mixed Media
18" x 18"

copyright by Yvonne Ou Yong 2008
all rights reserved

Hope Series XIV
Mixed Media
18" x 18"

copyright by Yvonne Ou Yong 2008
all rights reserved

I have just completed 3 new paintings commissioned by Hope Worldwide Kuala Lumpur. The colour scheme of these new compositions is very different from the past compositions.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A new beginning

Constellation of Hopes & Dreams
Mixed media
46 x 91 x 3.75cm
copyright by Yvonne Ou Yong
all rights reserved

Artist’s Statement of Intent

My work reflects a journey through phases of life. This journey is my collective experiences that happen every single moment of the day. Through these experiences, I seek to culminate an intuitive communion with the natural world, which is the very essence of my work.

My subject of interest on ‘The Essence of Being’ is illustrated in these series of paintings. This personal on-going study involves themes of the private self, public and social self, and the spiritual self, and its relation to the social, physical and natural environment.

I enjoy working in series and on small scale as the subtle changes in each painting could potentially be developed into a myriad of themes, and hence, totally different. Just like life, it comes with many surprises and unexpected challenges as we continue to make our existence on this earth we called home.