Friday, September 19, 2008

A new beginning

Constellation of Hopes & Dreams
Mixed media
46 x 91 x 3.75cm
copyright by Yvonne Ou Yong
all rights reserved

Artist’s Statement of Intent

My work reflects a journey through phases of life. This journey is my collective experiences that happen every single moment of the day. Through these experiences, I seek to culminate an intuitive communion with the natural world, which is the very essence of my work.

My subject of interest on ‘The Essence of Being’ is illustrated in these series of paintings. This personal on-going study involves themes of the private self, public and social self, and the spiritual self, and its relation to the social, physical and natural environment.

I enjoy working in series and on small scale as the subtle changes in each painting could potentially be developed into a myriad of themes, and hence, totally different. Just like life, it comes with many surprises and unexpected challenges as we continue to make our existence on this earth we called home.

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